Walton Fabrication

Throughout this page you will find testimonies, reviews, as well as case studies to help you further comprehend the passion we have for parts and services in the classic car industry.

"I just got finished installing a firewall mount brake pedal assembly on my 54 Chevy from Walton Fabrication. It was a direct bolt in setup and is very well engineered. I did not have to modify it in anyway. It is 1000% easier than trying to install a mount under the floor." -54Chevy, www.jalopyjournal.com

"I also ordered a bunch of parts from Walton, brake booster, crossmember, rear leaf spring kit etc. When I was installing, run in to some 'problems', Todd helped me out perfect, even emailed me pictures of how to do it!" –Marten, www.jalopyjournal.com

"I had the pleasure of speaking with Todd in regards to an estimate for my 1958 Chevy truck front suspension and power upgrades. Todd was extremely helpful and thorough in his explanations, recommendations and written estimate...Todd is very professional and unbelievably responsive. Walton Fabrication is undoubtedly one of the "good guys" in the business world." -Chad L., www.yelp.com

"Todd is awesome...caught him early in the morning (mid day here) and this being my first build, he talked to me for at least half an hour about what I was doing, how it should be done, and what they had to do it. The parts I got from them may not be the cheapest, but everything was EXTREMELY well done." –Poboyross, www.jalopyjournal.com

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"I used the master cylinder and booster out of a Chevy truck and I can tell you this. If I had to do it all over again I would buy the set up from Walton Fabrication, we spent so much time and effort in making it work to find out that the damn booster was bad! A smarter buddy of mine bought the Walton set up and it is SUPER nice and bolts right in. Belive me when I say that if I EVER do it again I will save up and buy the set up that is made for that car." –Sam Navarro, www.jalopyjournal.com