Walton Fabrication
Product Overview

Walton Fabrication specializes in manufacturing and distributing a variety of kits for engine and transmission swaps, leaf spring conversion kits, brake systems and steering systems.

TRANSMISSION MOUNTS - Walton Fabrication transmission cross member kits are easy to install and can be used with 5 of GM's most popular transmissions for 1949-1954 Chevrolet passenger cars.

MOTOR MOUNTS - Walton Fabrication offers motor mount kits for 1949-1954 Chevrolet passenger cars for both small block and big block engines. Our mounts are easy to install using stock rivet locations to properly position your engine in the right location.

LEAF SPRING KITS - Walton Fabrication's rear leaf spring conversion kits for 1949-1954 Chevrolet passenger cars are easy to install using existing rivet locations and will lower the car approximately 1-1/2" from stock height.

STEERING COLUMN KITS - Walton Fabrication steering column kits come complete with Ididit Inc. steering columns and can easily be installed in your 1941-1954 Chevrolet passenger car or 1953-1956 Ford pickup truck.

Walton Fabrication also offers a firewall mounted brake kit. The power brake kit incorporates a 8in dual diaphragm booster and a dual reservoir master cylinder. Options include residual check valves, adjustable proportioning valves, and complete brake line kits. Note: Sometimes due to lack of inventory we must send out an 8in single booster with this kit.

For additional information, please see the individual product descriptions in the Parts Counter/Store section of our website.